Sunyata Community and Meditation Centre Inc. (Sunyata CMC) provides the opportunity to learn meditation and to hear the teachings of Buddha. At Sunyata CMC, we welcome all who are interested in the practice of meditation and the study of Buddhism, regardless of religious background, age or practice experience. We teach the Vietnamese Zen tradition established by King Tran Nhan Tong in the thirteenth century and conveyed to us by the Most Venerable Thich Thanh Tu.

Venerable Thich Thanh Tu has been responsible for the re-establishment of Zen Buddhism in Vietnam. In 1966, he built the Phap Lac meditation center and lived there to pursuit his practice. During this period of time, he continued his writings and translations. Two years later, he made a public announcement that he would practice in seclusion indefinitely. His goal was “if I don’t thoroughly discern the Way, I won’t leave the meditation chamber.” He had tried different methods such as contemplations of “Six Marvelous Methods,” “Impurity,” and even the koans (Zen riddles), etc. But these gave no results.  At last, his determination came to fruition as he explored the concept of “Voidness.” He confirmed his understanding by reviewing the Mahayana Suttras (Buddhist teachings) that discussed Voidness and found that he was able to clearly understand them all. He remembered the important teaching; “after realization, enlighten others,”.  Thereafter he dedicated his life to helping others on the Path to Enlightenment.   His principle of teaching is “learning and practicing concurrently.” His basic meditation method is “aware the false thoughts, but not attach to them.” He also see the importance re-establishing the teachings of the Vietnamese Zen masters that have been forgotten over the past centuries.

Address: 7 Lichfield St, công viên Victoria 6100 WA, Australia

Telephone: (08) 9470 1251